Smart Phone initiative for website

BFG offers smart choice for service engineers

Customer Service Manager Mick Johnson and Senior Technical Engineer George Hill

Addressing key machine issues in the field is about to become a much easier task for service engineers thanks to a brilliant new idea developed by Bell-Fruit Games Customer Service Manager Mick Johnson and Senior Technical Engineer George Hill. Using their smart phones they will be able to access a dedicated area of the BFG website containing vital information regarding machine set-up.

Johnson explained: “We are constantly looking at ways to improve the back-up support that we provide to our customers. Now, with the growth in the use of smart phones, it means that we can complement our traditional phone based support service with a 24/7 web accessed one. To a large extent the information we are providing, via this new web link, is also contained within the
technical manual that we supply with each machine. However, we know from experience that when the engineer arrives at site to sort a technical problem he can often find that the manual is missing! Now though, if he has a smart phone he will be able to access a range of technical information at the press of a button.”

According to Johnson, BFG has identified eight key areas that account for 75% of the calls the firmreceives each day. “These can range from advice about the setting up of note recyclers through to the version number for the latest game software,” he explained. “So we have now included these as part of the new technical support area of our website. We will, of course, continue with our phone based technical support service as we want to make sure that engineers have a variety of
options when trying to solve problems.”

BFG Sales and Marketing Director John McLoughlin added: “This should prove invaluable for busy service engineers who can use this new area of the site as a quick reference guide when they are on site fixing a machine when time is of the essence. It’s also a great example of ‘joined up thinking’ in action and making a positive difference to the workloads faced by service engineers out on site.”

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