National operators warm to DOND Winfall

Bell-Fruit Games has another runaway success on its hands, this time with DOND Winfall, a game that has won over the UK’s two largest operators, culminating in significantly high sales figures. According to the Nottingham based machine manufacturer, DOND Winfall has captured the imagination of players thanks to its immediately recognisable theme and a unique style of game play that brings a neat twist to the Cat C AWP genre. Sales and Marketing Director John McLoughlin commented:

“We first put the game out on test towards the end of 2013 and since then its performance has been consistently superb. As a result, DOND Winfall has been afforded a very warm welcome from the UK’s two largest national operators who have placed very substantial orders. Unsurprisingly, it has now become BFG’s biggest seller since DOND The Big One.”

The core appeal of DOND Winfall can be found in its incredibly entertaining main feature – a video portrayal of the classic game Bagatelle. Players watch as a ball falls down the screen, bouncing off pins towards a series of apertures, each with its own prize value. They can claim their prize or choose to play again for a higher win, but must avoid falling into an empty slot and lose the lot!

DOND Winfall is presented in the Eclipse Cabinet with Scorpion 6 technology and is switchable from Cat C to Cat D. It is also the first Bell-Fruit Games model to utilise the new chrome door designed by parent NOVOMATIC which, added McLoughlin, dramatically enhances the appearance of the game and improves its ‘walk-up’ factor.

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