DOND Box 23 is another retailer hit for BFG

Bell-Fruit Games, part of the Astra Gaming Group, has announced another full set of approvals from the pub sector, this time for its latest Category C model, DEAL OR NO DEAL Box 23. The ‘full house’ was achieved last week, happening almost simultaneously with the major announcement that BFG had renewed its licensing deal with Endemol UK, creators of the DOND brand.
DOND Box 23, presented in the Eclipse cabinet, is a multi-stake offering that comes packed with features designed to engage and entertain players in pub and arcade environments. After playing DEAL OR NO DEAL, players can either collect the ‘Banker’s Offer’ or gamble for a chance of winning more by opening Box 23. Commenting on Bell-Fruit’s latest success story in the Cat C sector was Sales and Marketing Director John McLoughlin. “Obviously we’re delighted to be announcing yet another hit utilising what has transpired to be one of the most enduring and popular brands ever to be applied to a gaming product,” he said. “It’s perhaps a case of classic timing that the full set of retailer approvals for DOND Box 23 coincided with the renewal of our licensing deal with Endemol UK.”

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