Lord of the Rings

Name >> The Lord Of The Rings
Type >> UK AWP
Released >>
Feb 2002

  • Complete the 7-stage Number Trail to access the Hi/Lo Nudge Ladder
  • No.4 on the Number Trail offers a bonus to help you
  • Collect Nudges or Hi/lo gamble up the Nudge Ladder towards the Jackpot
  • Press Autonudge to step the reels to best possible position
  • Press Shuffle to move the reels to new positions, at the cost of one position on the Ladder
  • Access the Cash Ladder from a reel win, by nudging in a win from the Nudge Ladder, or from the Exchange bonus
  • Collect Cash or Hi/Lo up the Ladder towards the Jackpot
  • If a lit ring is reached, the Feature Trail advances a number of steps according to the number in the ring on the Hi/Lo
  • When a ring number appears red on the Hi/Lo reel, the new Feature position turns red and becomes a Super Feature
  • Reach the top of the Feature Trail for the LORD OF THE RINGS feature - a big Winning Streak!